If you trust your salvation to Christ, how do you display your Hope in Him? Find out how to tell others about your gift of salvation by trusting Jesus, and how to share this hope. Others will see our joy in loving the Lord.
See how God uses average people to do His miraculous work. In Exodus, Moses thought he was unskilled and unprepared to do God's work, yet God proved him wrong. In John 2, Jesus performs a miracle by changing water to wine. Jesus taught us to believe that nothing is impossible with God, and that we are to follow His commandments.
Concluding our series on understanding predestination and free will. Did you know they both coexist in the Bible? God can't be rushed and isn't governed by time. Freewill makes both good and evil possible, all while God is still in control.
Part 1 of 2. Understanding predestination and free will. Does the 16th century Calvin's understanding of predestination conflict with C.S. Lewis' modern day understanding of free will? What is our current understanding?