As provincial guidelines continue to change and as we move closer towards re-opening, the Session and Board of Managers are prayerfully considering what is required for in-person worship at Melville.

In all of these discussions, the safety of those who wish to gather for worship is our prime concern. It is our responsibility to continue to make wise decisions to protect the health of our families and the wider community. It is also important to us that we continue to be able to gather together as a community in a way which is as inclusive as possible. With all of that in mind, it is the decision of the Session that the congregation will continue to meet online for the time being. This decision will be revisited by the Session in November. We are taking a cautious and measured approach to reopening as we ensure that the necessary procedures and precautions are in place and that appropriate provisions are made so that those who wish to continue joining us for worship from their homes may do so seamlessly as well.

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