Righteousness = relationship with God. Hear how John the Baptist's and Jesus' baptisms show us what righteousness means. Make your 2023 New Year's resolution to seek Jesus and experience the fullness of life Christ can give us.
Each gospel writer presents the Christmas message differently than the others. Matthew presents the genealogy of Jesus, and tells of the visit of the Magi. Mark omits the story altogether and starts with Jesus' baptism. John tells the story from the beginning in Genesis where there was nothing except God. Luke tells the story that many are most familiar with - the manger scene, the shepherds, and the angels. Celebrate Jesus, our beacon of hope. The Word was made flesh to right the ancient wrongs, and to give us access to God. Merry Christmas!
We trust the Lord's goodness. We rely on God's mercy. We find shelter in God's steadfast love. We walk in the Lord’s way. We follow God’s example of love. We keep our covenant promises. We wait for your salvation. We wait for your leading. We wait for your coming. We wait with Advent Hope.